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We know Betting, Inside – Out

Meridian Gaming is a global leader in sports betting and online casino gaming that delivers entertaining and responsible gaming experiences for players across all channels and regulated segments.

The Company attracts the industry’s top talent, with more than 1100 employees across the globe, delivering entertaining and responsible gaming experiences for players everywhere. Leading the global gaming entertainment industry by focusing our innovations in sports betting and online casino technology to deliver an outstanding player experience.

Meridianbet wants to adhere to the world’s safest and most innovative gaming standards for adults, by making sure that every user can both play within their financial means and experience the best possible service.

Founded in 2001, Meridian is a well-established sports betting and online casino gaming group, currently operating in 30+ countries across Europe, the Americas, and Africa. In the last twenty years, Meridian employed over 12.000 people globally and paid $200M in taxes and contributions, including the funding of various social programs

Leading licensed gambling company, operating in more than 40 countries

Extensive portfolio of gaming and betting products across retail, mobile and web

Constant technological updates to market needs and preferences

Dedicated business and marketing support

Advanced and sophisticated risk management, coupled with professional betting market traders

7/24 Customer support via e-mail, live chat, phone and social networks.

Meridian’s Corporate Social Responsibility Projects and Support Programs

  • Red Cross Centers in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Novi Pazar, Niksic, Budva, Herceg Novi, Berane, Doboj, Banja Luka, Cacak, Bor, Kraljevo , Gradiska, Podgorica, Trebinje, Rozaje Zajecar, Sid, Kula, Crvenka, Sarajevo, Tuzla, Prijedor, Bijelo Polje, Zabljak, Danilovgrad, Bela Crkva, Dar Es Sallam, Bogota, Lima, Limassol, Nicosia…
  • Global & National Medical Institutions such as National Covid Hospitals in Europe, Africa, and South America, Clinical Center “Dragisa Misovic”, Society for Mental Health Improvements (MNRO) in Serbia, Center for Palliative Care BELHospice, Maternity Hospitals, Blood Transfusions Centers, Gerontology Centers, Safe Houses, Institute of Mother and Child, Clinic for Infective Diseases Belgrade, Gerontology Center Sarajevo, Clinical Center of Montenegro, “Kakaricka Gora” Hospital Montenegro
  • Awareness Raising Campaigns such as International Sports Day, You’re Not Alone on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, SaveYourHood to remind on the communal garbage cleaning problem, Association for Abandoned Animals to advocate the need for adoption and human treatment of street animals, YouReForest, to support local ecological initiatives,
  • Charity Programs such as Unicef Covid Solidarity Response Fund for India, Charisma Foundation Cyprus, Charity Organization “Budi Human”, Pasykaf Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients, Public Kitchen “Meal of Love” in Banja Luka, Belgrade Center for Addiction Treatment, Beatitudes Association Lima, Retirement Home “Ju” Banja Luka, Hospital for Cancer Ward in Dar Es Sallam, Kinondoni Municipal Nutrition Office, Dar Es Sallam Orphanage, Spinal Injury Association of Tanzania, Global Peace Foundation Zaing’arisha Tandale, Association of “4+” Families Banja Luka, HopeForChildren Cyprus, Malta Charity Run
  • 50+ Medical Crowdfunding Campaigns for children suffering from rare and dangerous diseases

Global Seedlings Campaign

In 2021, Meridian Gaming launched the Global Afforestation Program and donated over 20.000 seedlings in each market it operates to actively promote and improve air quality and public health worldwide in markets of Europe, Africa, and LATAM. The campaign, in coordination with local environmental state agencies, includes the donation of financial assets to local governments for the needs of planning the land and terrain.

Clean Air Campaign in Retail Shops

Since 2020, the company has been implementing a Green agenda, meaning the use of the state-of-the-art air purifiers at all retail stores throughout the world is implemented, constructed per the EU Directive 125/2009 on indoor air quality conditions and the highest eco-standard on the continent – CEN 14511.

Bringing Sports and Local Communities Together for a Social Impact

In addition to being one of the largest brands in the entertainment industry, the company has been successfully applying the best market practices in supporting local professional and amateur sports clubs, youth tournaments, and charity sports contests to raise funds for the treatment of rare and serious diseases. The Company built more than 10 local basketball grounds as a donation to local communities.


Betting Partner and Sponsor of Sports Competitions

The Group is a global betting partner of more than 30 professional football, basketball, volleyball, water polo, table tennis, rugby, American football, MMA, muay thai, e-sports, street soccer clubs, and associations around the world. Belgrade, Banja Luka, Podgorica, Niksic, Munich, Valletta, Limassol, the Canary Islands, American Football Club Indjija Indians, Dar es Salaam are just some of the destinations where Meridianbet is the patron of top professional and amateur sports organizations – FC Valletta, FMP Meridian, Water Polo Club Partizan, Women Basketball Club Reg Star Belgrade, Serbian eGames Association, Fencing Club Red Star, FC Recreativo, BC Apollon Limassol, FC Sutjeska Niksic, FC Costa do Sol,  OKK Sloboda Tuzla,  BC Varda Visegrad,  FC Pan African Dar Es Salam, FC Ribnica Podgorica, BC Varda Visegrad, FC Zvijezda 09, FC Gorazde, Rugby Club Odmetnici.

The Company is also a proud sponsor of worldwide sports competitions, federations, and tournaments such as the International Table Tennis Tournament – Meridian Cup, Serbian American Football Association, Water Polo Federation of Montenegro, Megdan MMA Tournament, Podgorica Maraton

EU’s Top 900 Employer

For more than two years, Meridian has been providing scholarships to dozens of students and employing young professionals – graduates developing the world’s most competitive solutions in artificial intelligence, big data, video game design, and digital marketing, thus practically contributing to solving the gap between educational programs supply and labor market demands.

Since 2020, the company has been awarded the prestigious ICC – WCF SME Certificate, the highest European business-standard set by the World Federation of Chambers of Commerce (ICC-WCF), making Meridian one of the 900 most reputable EU companies.

Net-Zero Carbon by 2040

As part of Meridian’s mission to become one of the globally most customer-centric companies, we are committed to building a sustainable business for our employees, customers, and communities. We are driving toward a net-zero carbon future where the people that support our entire value chain are treated with dignity and respect.

Corporate Code of Conduct

Our commitment to a sustainable future depends upon the people who support our value chain every day— from retail shops where our products are sold to customers, all the way to the suppliers and business associates. We are committed to ensuring our employees, workers, and communities are treated with dignity and respect. While these fundamental values have been long-held at Meridian, in 2021, we codified them into a Corporate Code of Conduct, reaffirming our commitment to human rights and outlining our approach across all aspects of our business – meaning a zero-tolerance policy towards malpractice, harassment or misconduct of any kind.

Supplier Assessment Policy

Our responsible sourcing program especially focuses on Meridian’s suppliers. That is why we engage in robust supplier due diligence and prioritizing mechanisms that drive continuous improvement in backup checks. We are committed to working with our suppliers to remedy issues and establish systems to prevent future issues. We expect our suppliers to consistently monitor and enforce our standards in their operations and supply chain as well as make improvements to meet or exceed our expectations and standards. We use independent auditors to verify supplier compliance with our Supply Chain Standards through regular on-site inspections and confidential worker interviews.

Sports Betting Integrity

We are committed to building trusted relationships with customers, regulators, local communities, and sports organizations alike and maintain constant dialogue across jurisdictions and different stakeholders for all matters of sports betting integrity – national sports associations and law enforcement agencies, UEFA Integrity Platform, FIFA BKMS System and Interpol.

Betting is all about fair sports competitions – that is why we provide background checks and detailed reporting on both organizations and individuals to help sports governing bodies, clubs, anti-doping organizations, law enforcement agencies by finding weak spots, potential integrity red flags, issues, and threats to their sport and business.

Responsible Gambling

Proactivity is the most responsible gambling policy

Responsible gambling is a much broader concept than simply tackling problem gambling issues. According to more than 200 studies in the EU and the UK, a maximum of 2% of gaming and betting consumers are prone to developing some form of harmful and problem gambling. Consequently, responsible gambling means defining policies and setting out a practice that prevents negative aspects of gambling from even showing up.

Fair and credible product and services

Our paramount objective is to deliver gambling services responsibly. We are fully committed to fostering a safe, reliable, and transparent context in which the gambling is taking place, by implementing strict corporate standards, and organizing conferences, debates, and informal dialogue with all the industry’s stakeholders.

Security of players

 We particularly emphasize the protection of privacy (data protection), responsible processing of payment data, fairness, and the random nature of the products offered which is monitored closely by independent authorities. These principles are particularly referred to upon advertising of new offers and promotions, as we promote only such services we can deliver.

Security of the game

 Meridianbet strictly monitors any issues that may signal potential fraudulent behavior. Manipulation of bets and money laundering are crimes, not a game. Our Company is fully compliant with the national and EU AML Directives. In that respect, our Company conducts regular training courses for the employees in charge of money transactions and check-ups.

Protection against gaming addiction

Betting should be considered a game and pastime, not a way to make money. However, we are aware betting can lead to problems for a small group of customers. All the user data related to responsible gaming is dealt with by a dedicated support team within the customer support department., which provides the customers with the recommendations to preserve a responsible approach to enjoying our offer.

Meridianbet has participated in the design of the project “It is possible to quit”. With more than 3,000 employees involved, this project took place in coordination with worldwide national health organizations in charge of problem gambling. The project’s main objective was to organize preventive training programs for employees in our betting shops and customer support departments, bearing in mind they are in regular, daily contact with the customers, both in shops and online.

This approach proved to be the most efficient in treating negative issues of gambling as it both relies upon the expertise of medical staff and suggests all the employees contribute by behaving and reacting without any prejudice when faced with potential problem gamblers.

Protection of minors

As a zero-tolerance principle, Meridianbet implements the policy of absolute exclusion of minors from getting in touch and involving in either retail or online offer. Written confirmation of the age (date of birth as stated in the ID document) is, therefore, a mandatory procedure upon registration, as well as upon the first withdrawal of funds initiated by the customer.

Our customers are strongly advised to install software that enables them to block and filter web traffic to prevent minors from reaching betting and gaming websites.

Deposit and Loss Limits

For all the customers, Meridianbet offers a variety of self-protection measures to make sure the user experience remains responsible.

All our customers have the opportunity to reduce their deposit limit to an amount below the standard limit. Any request to increase personal deposit limits can only be processed after the lapse of 24 hours at the earliest whereas a request to reduce the limit will be implemented immediately.

Customers can also set the limit of the funds available for deposit and bet for the 24 hours, week, or month period

Time-out feature

Meridianbet offers to all the customers the possibility of the Time-Out feature, be it for 24 hours, 7 days, or six weeks. During the Time-Out, customers are only permitted to withdraw any remaining funds from the account balance.


Our customers can exclude themselves from further interaction with the services in our shops/website from one day up to 5 years or indefinitely.

Self-exclusion can be extended as many times as deemed necessary by the customer. During self-exclusion, the customer’s remaining account funds are at disposal for withdrawal at any time, the customer is removed from our marketing database and is strongly advised to consider self-exclusion from all other gambling operators they may have an account at